Our practitioners have consolidated the latest articles on the prevention aspect of immunity into on easy to read and reference guide.


Graeme Bradshaw

Graeme Bradshaw stands for a whole & healed world. He is the founder of Asia’s largest holistic healthcare institute, Integrated Medicine Institute (IMI), and the founder of Integrated Neutraceutial Limited (INL), the premier clinical supplier of nutritional based medicines and supplements in the region. Based in Hong Kong he is a naturopath, homeopath, herbalist, educator and corporate wellness speaker.

Functional Medicine has been the essence of Graeme’s 35 year practice in his treatment of some 30,000 Clients. He applies this wealth of clinical experience to treat the root cause of a vast array of health concerns. He continues to build upon his qualifications which began with a Bachelor of Science, followed by Diplomas in Education, Naturopathic, Herbalism, Homeopathy and Nutrition.

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We have reviewed published articles, and academic journals to provide an easy to use immunity guide to prevention. All references are sited in the guide.

43 Articles One Easy to Use Immunity Guide


What You Can Expect

6 Pillars of Prevention

We break down prevention into 6 easy to remember and execute pillars of health that you can apply in your practice or life.

7 Natural Immune Boosting Choices

We provide you with seven practitioner grade products that support the immune system.